Resealable Plastic Packaging Bags

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According to EU food contact standards, We ongoing the manufacturing of resealable bags to make fresh and safe food a way back from 1980 and at present, Our company is best in the world’s largest stock holder. With using the latest technology while production so that the quality remains as of best quality. We also stock a huge number of bags of all styles and colors. We will deliver to you our bags at any part of the world through within seven working days of order.

Resealable packaging bags have multilayer aluminum foil laminates which can protect food from moisture and oxygen. With heavy duty zippers, bags can be opened and closed for many times and product packed inside stays fresh for longer time. Resealable Plastic bags are manufacturing up to 9 color rotogravure printing with different materials used like PE, PET, BOPP, OPA, Nylon, EVOH etc depending on customer requirements and These bags are available in Stand up pouches, flat bottom pouches, custom shaped pouches, three side, pillow pouches, central sealed bags, side gusset bags etc. For any type of liquid packaging we have special plastic which can handle liquids.

We also produce resealable bags with generic single color printing. You can use these generic bags if you have very less quantity order or if you have multiple sizes and multiple products. You can place your label on our generic resealable bags to brand your product. This concept is getting very much popular with contract packers now days as they can brand their customer products by placing labels. Our minimum quantity in generic single color bag is 1000 bags.

Resealable Plastic Packaging Bags will be delivered anywhere in world by DHL or FedEx courier maximum within 7 working days from the date of order from Online Packaging Shop.

Plastic bags comes with euro slot {Mexican hat type shape}, hole punch, round punch, butterfly punch so the bags can be hanged in supermarket. This product is available on request.